Patchwork Paper Templates by Jackie Wills

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594 Fibonacci hexagon patchwork paper templates


In 1990 I wrote an article that was published on Fibonacci Hexagons. (based on the mathmatical sequence of numbers 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34 etc etc) transferred into the form of Traditional English Handsewn  Hexagon Patchwork.  Article appears on the Fibonacci Patchwork section of this website.

I created a number of wall-hangings using this method - (one is featured in the photo), others can be seen following links to picasa web albums.

Save yourself  the laborious and fiddly chore of cutting your own Fibonacci paper templates!

This pack contains 72 each of the 8 following sizes:  2,3,5,8,13,21 and 34
90 x size 1

There are enough templates in this pack to make the Fibonacci Design as shown in item image.  The size excluding borders measure about 18.5" (47.5 cm) wide and 77" (196cm long)

size 1 measures 5mm top/bottom width and 2cm centre width -

size 2 measures 10mm top/bottom width and 25mm centre width,

size 3 measures 15mm top/bottom width and 30mm centre width,

size 5 measures 25mm top/bottom width and 40mm centre width,

size 8 measures 40mm top/bottom width and 55mm centre width,

size 13 measures 65mm top/bottom width and 80mm centre width,

size 21 measures 105mm top/bottom width and 120 centre width,

Size 34 measures170mm top/bottom width and 185mm centre width.

Each hexagon has a height of 25mm.

These templates are designed for handsewn work only.

Always happy to answer any questions

Also included: colour illustrated instructions on how to cover the templates with fabric.

You are buying the paper templates to create the wallhanging,  not the handsewn wallhanging shown in item image.

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