Patchwork Paper Templates by Jackie Wills

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3000 x 4cm Cut Paper Templates and Book: Hexagon Patchwork Pattern & Design


Special Offer available until 24 December 2014 - saving more than £20.00

3000 (three thousand) x  4cm ready cut hexagon paper (90gsm paper) templates (each side measures 2cm).   Templates are packed into six bags of 500 hexagons, ideal if you wish to share with others.  Finished work rough guide size 81.5"  (207cm) x 72.5" (184cm)


Book:  Hexagon Patchwork  - Pattern & Design by Jackie Wills

Enough ready cut paper hexagons to create "The Christmas Quilt" in time for Christmas 2015.......A wonderful challenge to start the New Year for you, friends, or family.  

Normal retail price would start from £96.00 for example If you purchased 6 x refill packs of 500 hexagons and Book the cost would be and book £96.00.

see video clip showing "The Christmas Quilt" with some of the fabrics used in it.

Published  March 2010 .  36  Pages - A4 size - Perfect Bound - Soft Back - text printed on 170gsm paper -
Cover 300gsm.   160 plus colour images

This is a beautifully presented book of easy to read patterns and instruction.  

"Hexagon Patchwork Pattern & Design" concentrates on creating hexagon patchwork designs and patterns that, with a little imagination, can be created and adapted to suit you.   It also explores how to create patterns using your own or free computer software.


Create your own Patchwork Patterns on a Computer
Templates and Exploring Tessellating Hexagon Shapes
The Black Hole Design Pattern
Crazy Cruising Hexagon Patterns 2009
The Christmas Quilt Pattern
The Happiness Quilt Pattern
Tatjana Tekkel Peppe - Flower Basket
Nautical Sailor Design Pattern
Pick and Transform Hexagon Patchwork Designs
Fibonacci Elgin Pattern
Random Hexagon Patchwork Designs
Tampa to Suttons Island Pattern
Two Wall Hanging Projects
Three Dimensional Designs Using Hexagons
Sweetie Bag Pattern
Triangular Triumph Pattern
Tangerine Pattern
Blue Waves Pattern

Basic Hexagon and Diamond Sewing Instructions

General Observations on Fabrics, Techniques and Design

Annex A Fibonacci Hexagons

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