Patchwork Paper Templates by Jackie Wills

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Happiness quilt detail

Patchwork Paper Templates


patchwork paper templates hexagon patchwork pattern and design by Jackie Wills


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Paper Templates 1835

Paper Templates 2014

I, Jackie Wills, started working professionally and creatively with textiles in 1984. I specialize in hand painted, machine embroidered denim waistcoats and traditional English hexagon patchwork.  I started selling patchwork paper templates online in 2003 ...... See About.


Looking forward to welcoming past and future customers to this new website which will run alongside current websites: and

Traditional Hand Sewn English Hexagon Patchwork.  The basic method has not changed for more than 200 years.


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8cm paper hexagon templates

Recent Feedback received  


"Parcel of hexagons etc arrived this morning.  It's all FAB!  Thank you very much, and for sending it so quickly.  I'm so excited about getting started with the patchworks - it's a new venture!  Which makes the instruction leaflet and the sample especially welcome and thoughtful.  Also looking forward to having a look at the demos on YouTube.

Once again - many thanks, and I shall return for more"



"Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of my order and the lovely way it was wrapped. I will certainly recommend you to my sewing friends"


Happiness quilt detail diamond shaped paper templates for patchwork one inch square paper templates for patchwork long hexagons ready cut paper templates buy 500 x 1" hexagon paper templates




I am posting items purchased during Covid but probably only twice/three times a week so there could be slight delays in recieving your parcels.  Dispatch times will be confirmed with order confirmation email.    Thanks for your understanding.  




Keep safe everyone and I hope the templates provide a great distraction.